Top- performance machines help to increase the profitability of your farm.  Large vehicles such as treatment machines facilitate work to treat crops in difficulty by enabling you to cover very large areas in a very short time. Crops that have been properly treated will guarantee profitability.

MICHELIN has introduced innovations to step up the performance of your machines.

Since its launch in 2011, MICHELIN ULTRAFLEX Technology has gained the trust of top sprayer manufacturers, such as John Deere, Ag-Chem, CNH and many other players on this market.

SPRAYBIB helps to boost your Company’s profitability

Spraying machines fitted with MICHELIN SPRAYBIB tyres mean that the pressure used can be reduced by 40 %, thus protecting your crops and increasing your potential yield per hectare irrespective of the weather conditions. This lower pressure minimizes soil compaction, which reduces the cost of preparing the soil for the next season. 

Our recommendation for sprayers

Fitting MICHELIN SPRAYBIB tyres onto your sprayers will ensure you can take swift action for your crops with a heavy load, at the same time reducing the impact on the soil, even in extremely wet conditions in the field.

In the field as on the road, MICHELIN SPRAYBIB offers you a unique, innovative, reliable solution. Your soil will be protected even with a heavy load and you will have greater stability and comfort at high speed on the road.

MICHELIN at your service

The MICHELIN technical sales team is here to listen to you and give you expert advice! In its effort to support customers, MICHELIN sends more technical farming teams out into the field than any of its competitors. So you can be certain you will receive the right advice on tyres for your needs and therefore be able to optimize the performance of your agricultural machines. 

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