Agricultural productivity is closely linked to soil compaction. Soil that is not compacted means better development of plants and microbial life, as well as better water drainage

MICHELIN protects your soil

MICHELIN ULTRAFLEX technology tyres mean that very heavy loads can be carried at very low pressure and a higher speed than standard tyres of the same size. As a result, the soil is not compacted, enabling you to avoid decompaction work which is both energy and time-consuming.

MICHELIN CARGOXBIB HF: an outstanding tyre from road to field

The MICHELIN CARGOXBIB High Flotation tyre improves productivity as it allows you to work at low pressure. For example, for a manure tanker with a load of 6 metric tons at a speed de 40 Kph, MICHELIN CARGOBIB HF tyres can be inflated to 2.8 bars – well below the 4 bars recommended by our competitors. In addition, this new tyre is compatible with remote inflation capability, improving tyre performance and therefore productivity. For example, the same 6-metric ton manure tanker can run through the field at 10 kph and therefore automatically deflate its tyres down to 1.8 bars. 

Our advice to increase productivity

Do not hesitate to choose a large-size tyre: the wider the tyre, the greater the volume of air, making it possible to lower the tyre pressure and reduce its impact on the soil. MICHELIN CARGOXBIB High Flotation is the ideal solution for your manure tankers and trailers. Consistency in the convoy also helps productivity: combine MICHELIN CARGOXBIB HF with MICHELINAXIOBIB tyres on your tractor and have the benefit of perfect load distribution, in the field and on the road!

MICHELIN at your service

The MICHELIN technical sales team is here to listen to you and give you expert advice! In its effort to support customers, MICHELIN sends more technical farming teams out into the field than any of its competitors. So you can be certain you will receive the right advice on tyres for your needs and therefore be able to optimize the performance of your agricultural machines. 

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