Better yield

Agricultural machines run over a plot of land to a level of 85% throughout the growing cycle. To preserve the value of your soil and increase the yield, the compaction caused by tyres running over it must be kept to a minimum.

MICHELIN ULTRAFLEX Technology increases the yield of your soil by up to 4%.

An independent study* by Harper Adams University in Great Britain has shown that when soil is compacted, the emergence and growth of plants after sowing are adversely affected. Plants find it hard to extract water and nutrients from the soil which leads to a reduction in yield. On the other hand, soil that is less compacted helps plants to draw in the water and nutrients necessary for proper growth and the achievement of their full potential. The conclusions of the Harper Adams University study show that using MICHELIN ULTRAFLEX low-pressure tyres increases yield by 4%. In concrete terms, for an average yield of 8t per hectare of cereal, sold for €200 a metric ton, the net gain for the farmer is €64 per hectare - profitability-wise a definite advantage and easy to obtain.


MICHELIN ULTRAFLEX Technology protects the soil throughout the crop growing cycle

As tyres have a definite impact on soil preservation, farmers can rely on MICHELIN ULTRAFLEX Technology throughout the growing cycle to preserve the quality of the soil and reduce compaction.

Only MICHELIN can offer you a series of MICHELIN ULTRAFLEX Technology tyres for various machines (tractors, combine harvesters, treatment vehicles, trailers, etc.) to preserve your soil at every stage of the crop growing cycle. By protecting this virtuous loop you can therefore increase your profitability. 

Our recommendation: choose the right tyres

Tyres must adapt to the task to be carried out. Choosing the right tyre at the right pressure for every machine means you can work faster and optimize the performance of machines. Whatever your requirements, we can offer you a range tailored to every machine with MICHELIN ULTRAFLEX technology: XEOBIB, AXIOBIB and YIELDBIB for tractors, CEREXBIB for combine harvesters, SPRAYBIB for spraying machines and, finally, CARGO for trailers.

MICHELIN at your service

The MICHELIN technical sales team is here to listen to you and give you expert advice! In its effort to support customers, MICHELIN sends more technical farming teams out into the field than any of its competitors. So you can be certain you will receive the right advice on tyres for your needs and therefore be able to optimize the performance of your agricultural machines. 

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