Seeking Champions!


16 tractor drivers will be representing their respective countries in the second European Drivers’ Championship organised by Michelin and John Deere.

They will come to France to compete at this unique event held at Michelin’s prestigious Ladoux Technology Centre (France, 450 ha) where they will meet the experts and engineers behind this exciting championship. Each driver will devise their own competition strategy, finetune their settings then race over nearly 15 km of on and off road tracks, as in their real daily life. The drivers’ performance will be evaluated by measuring key indicators such as fuel consumption, soil protection, precise steering and speed. “Aiming for top performance is what makes Michelin tick but this challenge also gives us an opportunity to meet customers, discuss their needs and offer them a truly unique experience!” The MICHELIN tyres fitted to these impressive 35-ton travelling up to 25 mph are the only contact point between the vehicle and the ground. The tyres will provide drivers with a sensational ride, on the Michelin Man’s home ground, where they can push back their personal limits in a unique context!

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