On the eve of the European championship of tractor drivers

They are finally here! The 16 contenders for the prestigious title of best tractor driver in Europe were welcomed yesterday at the Michelin Technology Centre in Ladoux, France.


Less than 24 hours before the event, the 16 participants in the championship have broken in their new John Deere 6250R tractors and established their strategies.

They also got a preview of the brand-new MICHELIN ROADBIB tyre, a 100% innovative solution that will be used on their tractors. The first people to try the tractor and the tyres, these 16 agricultural contractors will each get behind the wheel of a 32.5 tonne tractor-trailer combination to cover an 18-km-long course. Meticulously designed by Michelin and John Deere technical experts, the course combines all the road and field conditions they encounter on a daily basis.