07.10.2019 News category

Michelin XeoBib tyres provide RG Contracting with reliability on the road and great performance in the field

RG Contracting plans to move its entire fleet onto Michelin XeoBib agricultural tyres after being hugely impressed with the fitments specified on nine new John Deere tractors.

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19.08.2019 News category

Michelin fits first sets of new multi-purpose CrossGrip tyre

Buckinghamshire-based Energy Generator Hire has become the first customer in the UK to specify Michelin’s CrossGrip tyre, fitting nine JCB telehandlers with the new multi-purpose fitment that is designed for operation on roads, grass and in the snow.

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17.06.2019 News

Michelin’s new VF CargoXBib High Flotation trailer tyres offer the best level of soil protection and endurance

Michelin is launching a new CargoXBib High Flotation trailer tyre, with four VF-rated sizes designed to keep soil compaction to an absolute minimum.

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13.06.2019 News

Michelin urges farmers to pay closer attention to rear harvester tyres

The head of Michelin’s agricultural technical team in the UK and Ireland is advising farmers to focus more time on selecting the right tyres for the rear of their harvesters, rather than putting all the focus on the front axle – as traditionally happens.

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29.05.2019 News

Scottish farmer labels new size of Michelin AxioBib 2 tyres as ‘seriously impressive’

East Lothian-based J Haig Hamilton & Sons is reaping the rewards after becoming the first farm in Scotland to fit the latest size to join Michelin’s growing range of AxioBib 2 tyres.

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09.05.2019 News

Free Michelin technical advice


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17.04.2019 News

Michelin Exelagri dealer hat-trick for Soltyre

Soltyre has gained Michelin’s agricultural seal of approval for its new Airdrie dealership, marking a major achievement for the tyre specialist with all three branches now members of the pan-European Michelin Exelagri network.

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13.11.2017 News category


ZEN@TERRA is a solution which allows the farmers to change machine pressures whilst working.

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13.11.2017 News category


Michelin today announces the acquisition of PTG and Téléflow, both industry leaders in tyre pressure control systems which allow users to monitor and adapt tyre pressures according to the terrain and conditions of use. These acquisitions signal Michelin’s intention to become the global leader for CTIS* in the agricultural market.

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29.06.2017 News category


The competition among the 16 contenders for the title of best tractor driver in Europe on 14 June, was almost as intense as the 36°C heat at the Michelin Technological Centre course in France that day.

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20.06.2017 News category

What You Need to Know about Agricultural Tyre Repairs

Purchasing new agricultural tyres represents a significant financial commitment, and the likelihood is that you’ve spent quality time specifying precisely the right tyres for your needs.

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14.06.2017 News category

On the eve of the European championship of tractor drivers

They are finally here! The 16 contenders for the prestigious title of best tractor driver in Europe were welcomed yesterday at the Michelin Technology Centre in Ladoux, France.

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01.06.2017 News category

A new tyre at the European Drivers Championship

Competitors taking part in the European Drivers Championship organised by Michelin & John Deere on 14 June 2017 will be driving for the first time on a NEW MICHELIN tyre.

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31.05.2017 News category

Meeting a champion

Michelin welcomes James BURTON who is proudly representing Great Britain in the 2nd edition of the European championship of tractor drivers organised by Michelin and John Deere.

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25.04.2017 Championship driver tractor John Deere Michelin tractor driver France

Seeking Champions!

June 14, 2017: Who will be the winner of the European Drivers’ Championship on the Michelin test tracks?

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21.03.2017 News category

#IPULLIWIN: a story of excellence!

Michelin, Massey Ferguson and Gregoire Besson have teamed up to present a unique ploughing competition at the world class SIMA show.

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21.03.2017 News category

MICHELIN EVOBIB unveiled at SIMA2017!

Michelin’s presence at SIMA2017 has caused much noise in the agricultural world, as the manufacturer took the opportunity to introduce another exciting innovation, with the grand unveiling of the revolutionary MICHELIN EVOBIB tyre!

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07.02.2017 Award

Michelin receives “Supplier Excellence Award” from Kubota.

KFM, the first Kubota plant based in France, has recognised  Michelin as a primary partner for its “good results in terms of quality, delivery performances and cost management”.

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01.02.2017 News category

New MICHELIN VF AXIOBIB 2 unveiled at the LAMMA show

Michelin exhibited its new MICHELIN VF AXIOBIB 2 tyre, dedicated to medium/high power tractors at the LAMMA show. From June 2017 the new tyres will be available in two dimensions, Very High Flexion VF650/65 R42 and VF540/65 R30 for 160hp to 320hp tractors with further sizes being added later in the year The new range bridges the gap between Michelin’s proven XeoBib (120hp to 220hp) and AxioBib (300+hp) ranges and is designed to meet the rising trend for tyres that can carry high loads at lower pressures

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28.11.2016 News category

Michelin awarded SIMA Innovation Gold Medal for its new ‘2 in 1’ tyre technology


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19.11.2015 News category

NEW! MICHELIN CargoXBib heavy Duty

Michelin has developed the new CargoXBib Heavy Duty tire for farmers looking for versatility and stability while using heavy-laden trailers on road and in the field.

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