A multi-purpose tire for use on the road, grass and snow

  • A special rubber formula designed for multi-purpose, 4-season use
  • High load capacity
  • Very long edge with an optimized tread pattern for good traction on snow
  • Non-directional tread for excellent precision in forward and reverse gear

Watch 2 testimonials from Gabriel of MRA Landscaping and Snow Management, Quebec

MRA started testing the MICHELIN Crossgrip in March 2018. Gabriel’s first testimonial is from May 2019, after using the tyres for 2 winter seasons and 1 summer season. The second testimonial is from October 2019 after a second summer using MICHELIN Crossgrip.”




Dimensions by rim size
250/80 R16 126B/123D IND TL
400/80 R24 156B/153D IND
440/80 R24 161A8/156D IND TL
460/70 R24 159A8/154D IND TL
400/80 R28 158A8/153D IND TL
440/80 R28 163A8/158D IND TL