Michelin at AGRITECHNICA 2019: “Beyond the tyre to protect your soil”

At Agritechnica 2019, as a worldwide player in mobility solutions for sustainable farming, Michelin chose to focus on MICHELIN ZEN@TERRA, MICHELIN ROADBIB, MICHELIN AXIOBIB2 and AGROPRESSURE BY MICHELIN on its booth.


Agritechnica 2019

After launching Zen@Terra, a solution including a central tyre inflation system by PTG, Michelin will soon be launching, AgroPressure by Michelin in partnership with Terranimo on the 365FARMNET platform in English, German, French and Polish. This free of charge, personalized and real-time decision support module adjusts tyre pressures, optimizes vehicle performance and measures compaction risks.

Michelin also displayed some of its key technologies and ranges in partnership with OEMs on their booth: MICHELIN EVOBIB, MICHELIN CEREXBIB2, MICHELIN CARGOXBIB HIGH FLOTATION & MICHELIN FLOATXBIB


Beyond the tyre, Michelin is leading a global innovation to protect the soil and provide breakthrough solutions to produce more & better: it’s a question of simplifying farmers’ daily life, improving their yield, their productivity, the performance of their business.